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Autocomponent Engineering-2

AV-EL shares strategic, business and commercial goals with Autocomponent Engineering-2, a Russian company belonging to the same group as AV-EL.
Autocomponent Engineering-2 specializes in the production of car parts by injection molding, as well as in the assembly of technical and decorative elements of the interior and exterior of the vehicles.

Autocomponent Engineering-2 is situated just a few kilometers from Tolyatti (Samara region), which is a location of one of the most important automotive clusters in Russia, created due to the presence of the Nissan-Renault-AvtoVAZ Group.
Autocomponent Engineering -2 was founded in 2009 thanks to the collaboration in manufacturing and engineering know-how of AV-EL. It soon reached the quality standards so high that it became a Tier 1 supplier for major automotive houses such as GAZ, UAZ, NAMI and AURUS, being at the same time a strategic supplier of the already mentioned Nissan-Renault-AvtoVAZ group.

As part of a business project aimed to expand and verticalize the production processes, Autocomponent Engineering-2 is building a new 6,500 m2 production site in Togliatti. In the new biulding AE-2 will install a modern fully automated painting line with a production capacity of 4,500,000 parts per year. The launch of the plant is scheduled for early 2023.

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